Welcome to University of Washington Alumni Association Thailand

Dear all huskies,

We are the home of UW huskies in Thailand. Even though we call ourselves University of Washington Alumni Association, we are more like a friend and family club. We, once in a while, organize fun events like trips to provinces in Thailand, reunion nights, and sports so fellow UW alumni can meet and have good times just like when they were students at the University of Washington.

As with any events, it’s always merrier when we have more people. With that, we decided to create this website so people can more easily follow news and read about up-coming events. We have already organized several events and we can guarantee that there are alumni from all years dated back to as early as 1960+ to the freshly graduates.

Well, do not believe everything we present here. We do want you to come and see things for yourself. So we hope to see you in some of the future events. For now, have a great one.

UWAAT team